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What is Going on with P-22?


P-22 is a mountain lion living near Los Angeles. He has actually ended up being a worldwide celeb due to his capability to endure in the heart of a big city. For the previous couple of years, scientists have actually been carefully keeping an eye on the motions of P-22 in order to much better comprehend the habits of city mountain lions. In this post, we will explore what is happening with P-22, his value to the neighborhood, and the research study being done to secure him.

What is P-22?

P-22 is a male mountain lion who is approximated to be around 8 years of ages. He was very first found in 2012 in the Griffith Park location of Los Angeles. He is the just recognized mountain lion living in the park, and is approximated to have a house variety of around 8 square miles.

Where Did P-22 Come From?

P-22’s origins are a little bit of a secret. Scientists think that he might have taken a trip from the Santa Monica Mountains, which lie to the west of Los Angeles. In order to make the journey, P-22 needed to pass through highways, yards, and other city locations. It is thought that P-22 is the only mountain lion to make such a journey.

Why is P-22 Important?

P-22 is essential for numerous factors. He is a sign of how wildlife can make it through in a metropolitan environment. By effectively making the journey from the Santa Monica Mountains to Griffith Park, P-22 has actually revealed that wildlife can move through cities and still discover appropriate resources.

Second, P-22 is a pointer of the significance of environment preservation. He is the just recognized mountain lion living in Griffith Park, which is a testimony to the reality that mountain lions require big locations of safeguarded land in order to make it through.

Third, P-22 is a fundamental part of the bigger mountain lion population. He is a hereditary bridge in between the separated populations of mountain lions in California, and will assist to guarantee the long-lasting survival of the types.

Research study on P-22

In order to much better comprehend P-22’s habits and environment requirements, scientists have actually been carefully keeping an eye on the mountain lion considering that he was very first found. This research study has actually consisted of tracking his motions with GPS collars, gathering scat samples for hereditary analysis, and studying his diet plan and environment choices.

The research study has actually offered important insight into the habits of metropolitan mountain lions. It has actually revealed that P-22 has the ability to discover sufficient food to make it through in the city, which he has the ability to prevent dispute with people. This details is vital for the effective preservation of mountain lions in the future.

Risks to P-22

In spite of the truth that P-22 has actually effectively adjusted to residing in a metropolitan environment, he still deals with a number of hazards. These consist of environment loss, traffic crashes, and prohibited searching. All of these hazards can have a disastrous impact on the mountain lion population, which is why preservation efforts are so crucial.

Preservation Efforts

Due to the dangers dealing with P-22 and other mountain lions, there have actually been a number of preservation efforts in the Los Angeles location. These consist of the facility of wildlife passages, the execution of wildlife-friendly fencing, and the development of curricula to assist individuals exist together with mountain lions.

P-22 in the Media

P-22 has actually ended up being a global star due to his capability to make it through in the heart of a big city. He has actually been included in numerous documentaries, tv programs, and books. His story has actually likewise been utilized to raise awareness about the predicament of mountain lions and other city wildlife.


P-22 is an impressive animal, and his story has actually been a motivation to lots of. He has actually revealed us that wildlife can endure in a metropolitan environment, which environment preservation is necessary for their survival. Through research study and preservation efforts, we can make sure that P-22 and other mountain lions will continue to grow in the future.

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