About us.

Earth Outdoors was created for those who love to travel the outdoors by those with a passion for exploring the world. It was founded by three good friends who have spent much of their lives pursuing adventure with a passion for nature and story-telling through content creation.

the world.

It all began on Instagram, we built a community celebrating the natural world with a spirit of adventure, world-class imagery and powerful storytelling. Earth Outdoors has become an influential platform for talented creatives and brands to display their work and share their stories from around the world. It is our mission to inspire travel and adventure, promote sustainable tourism while encouraging the utmost respect for the outdoors and the environment.

We focus on collaborating with brands that share similar values and we cater our services to meet the unique goals of each client. It’s our intent to ensure all of our partners are not only satisfied with our work but excited to collaborate again. Let us help share your story!

Meet the team.